What is less What is more…

d2cf40f772c799aa0530b4fed1a1e511In most of the cultures, there’s a belief if something is broken than it is out of value.

When there is a crack in a porcelain vase, for instance, we may throw that vase out.  In some cultures, keeping cracked things in porcelain bring bad luck to the home. So we separate the imperfect because it doesn’t fit our relation with perfection. If the vase was alive like your colleague, would you not be interested in him/her because of an imperfect situation? I hope you would. Otherwise, this would ruin your relationship. But I think we have a tendency to like perfection and we don’t like getting imperfect results.

In Japanese art and culture, it is believed that the damaged object is more valuable than itself. Instead of hiding the imperfection, they repair it with gold dust with respect so that we can get lessons from our cracks/pains and we become stronger.

Life is not moving continuously in a straight line. It is not a sweet and warm wind surrounding us. It is sometimes against the current, stormy, no eyesight and there may be no wind beneath the wings. The life we think and the life we find may not be as perfect as we hope for. There is no perfect love, no perfect beauty, no perfect friend and no perfect work. With all the imperfections, the wonders of the world wouldn’t be so breathtaking. While perfection is all about embracing our imperfection to strive for better, imperfection is simply a part of being. Just as the arts of Japan, called Kintsugi. The highlighted cracks in a piece of poetry rather than hiding them.

I think we should look at ourselves and consider what we actually want for the future. Today, we live in an ecosystem in relation with perfection. This is because of that relationship with perfection. If we shift this relationship to imperfection, we will be embracing the need. Eventually, we will start to repair the imperfection. Instead of appreciating items by zero mistakes repairing the broken items to be perfect; we can work on what is less is and what is more. There is a potential to create a sustainable future for our world and the life exists on it. Like pieces of cracked plate, we are all connected.

With love,

What is less What is more

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