Climate of Stress

Öne Çıkan

Interestingly, my life is around the objectives of enjoyment of motorcycles. My daughter is well enough to ride her second one in last two years which I suppose she is also eager to trade on it. Freezingly I may say, may be shaking, losing quality of sleep and a habit of wondering all the time, I ended up as a stressed person. This was an interesting paradox to discover for me as I was giving out stress management techniques and trainings to people. A paradox of “teaching stress management” and “having stress”

After 2 years I started to learn the climate of being a mom of a motorcyclist daughter in a volatile, uncertain, complex world with ambiguity. Neither I changed nor she, but we learned from each other: how to cope with the loved one “enjoying what she does” and the loved one “cares so much”

Today, after a while I find myself interested in watching, observing, supporting and caring motorcyclists all around. This interests helps me overcome my stress. Of course I am using an application to see my daughter’s location still but it is as it is ha?

The moral of the situation is, you cannot control everything. Even a bit. You only can control yourself.

Thanks to Stephen Covey about the “circles of impact”, though without this I could hardly manage my stress.

We are under stress all the time. There I found two dimensions:

*Do we want to manage our stress well?

*Are we calm?

So, lets take me for example: If I took no initiative to understand, do not accept this challenge from my daughter and I do not wish her to have her enthusiasm. This would not change the situation. Isnt it? She would either ride that…

It was actually awkwardly hard to take the initiative to understand, accept the challenge and grab her enthusiasm. I thought and thought a lot, still do, to be aware of the situations and uncontrolled events that might happen. But thats life and courage after all and more I learn, more I can handle to manage my stress because I become calmer and relaxed (average)

I should have told at the first sentences that I was afraid of the motorcyles and now I am not…

With love