Moment of Truth

This article is for the women whom are facing violence and the gentleman whom are in such a feeling of despair and shame about violence. #ÖzgecanAslan

479841_10151500795216630_140265047_nThey didn’t burn me to kill me. They burned me to hide my body and escape from the truth.

This was not just like a “pervert crime” the news tell… And I was not the only woman victim.

This is how my story happened: I took a minibus. Everyone left and I was there by myself. Probably, the driver “he” noticed that my phone charge was off and he took advantage of this. I realized him changing the road. I began asking why and then began shouting. Then he pulled over to the dark land. He stopped the vehicle. He swept down on me. I tried to resist with my pepper sprey. My fingernails were roasted by his skin. He was armed. I was resisting still. He stabbed me repeatedly as if I am a monster. Then he hit me with the lever. Then he cut my wrists. My blood was everywhere. Then others came. They set me on fire. They wanted to burn everything and escape. Their eyes were covered with rage and fear. They were feeling themselves  right to do these to me. All these happened because of my resistance to the three minute of pleasure.  I knew, I refused, it was because of my beautiful outlook and the symbol of my innocence can be filled with holes. If I didn’t resist, this pervertness would’t be heard.

If I haven’t had resisted,he may have told this creepy lust to his friends. His friends would damn him and say “you ruined your three years for an instant pleasure”. If he weren’t arrested, they would probably say “well done” to him. He would have found guilty just because he was arrested.

I am not dead and I will not die. I am not a Park name neither a politic party symbol, I am not a daily agenda. I am just a woman trying to live, have education for a better life. I am Can (I am life)

Wear black or red, defend execution or castration. Being aware is not enough, take challenge and fight against it. Like me. Do whatever you can. Think, write, talk, draw, move, think, teach or act. Don’t leave me alone. Unless, you don’t struggle to change the paradigm for violence against women, you will not be helping me. Eventually, I will die like others have died.

Thank you

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