20 seconds

I’ve written this in a 20 seconds of moment!

I am willing to remind my essay(2014) for those who have lost their motivation during the pandemic 2020, for those also who feels trapped and think there is no way out.

“I’m comfortable and I like sitting right here, why should I go with this? What do you want me to do? You’re disturbing me! Moreover, this is something that nobody needs, nobody gets that!” Said Wozniack, to Steve Jobs. Noone needs a computer.

Steve-jobs-quote-2   And it was impossible to discourage Jobs… It was impossible to accept for a man who invented frequency counter circuits and the parts for the telephone directory at the age of 12. It was also impossible to sit down and wait for a man who has called Bill Hewlett who was in charge of HP for this invention. After a 20minute telephone conversation he got more than what he needed; The parts for the frequency device and a summer job! There wasn’t a word for Jobs like “giving up”. He also has said to Wos; “how can people buy anything if they haven’t seen it?”

In today’s competitive work of life, we live in a risky mood. We need to take risks to achieve our goals more than ever… By taking risks, we need to move from our comfort zone. It’s like opening a door like Alice in Wonderland. We step outside of our comfort zone to challenge, to welcome the next step, and hug the battle, although facing and getting disturbed by many uncertainties.

It’s a matter of making a choice with courage or not. This is it..

Courage is something striker which lies beneath decision making, result orientation, and leadership when it is meaningful.

If we think of any time in our lives that we have stepped out from our comfort zone e.g for education, for work, or for personal reasons, from the things we were accustomed to living, we may remember that feeling. That feeling is a shock feeling. It’s a shock to face difficulties, complexities, and uncertainties for a while. To change a job, to be promoted, to lose a job, to change a city or a country, to change a habit, to move, to accept the death of a loving person, to fall in love or to start something new. They are all stressful. Stress is something that we cannot live with it all the time. We whether show anger or hide in our tranquil area or lose health. We deceive our balance when we feel stress. But stress is also controllable when we now ourselves, and helps sometimes to achieve. Otherwise, we can sit comfortably. Somethings will change anyway?!

We can find or create new opportunities only by stepping out of our secure areas so that we can develop and in today’s world, “hoping” to achieve is a paradox of risk of failure and is not easily gifted without disturbance from comfort.

Ok, I’ve no doubt for “fear of failure” or “ fear of facing failure” stops us, prevents us from taking action. But, we need to ask a question for our personal coaching; Do I prevent myself from taking action? Am I stressed? What makes me stress? Do I prevent myself from building relationships? Is it “the conditions” or is it “just us”?

A few questions for selfie coaching:

Do I try a new way of solutions when I encounter problems?
Do I search for new opportunities to change or improve my conditions proactively?
Do I take the risk of being open and vulnerable or I’m trying to keep my strength and pride?
Do I really ask myself what I want to or do I only think of what would people give to me?
Do I make the effort to be recognized about my talents or do I wait to be recognized?
Do I criticize everything all the time?

I can easily say now, willing to take risks does not mean that we will try everything! Let’s look into the lives of successful people; The most common trait is that; Success is never promised. It never guaranteed. People focus on their strengths and take the step. So that success is created and earned.

There was a movie, I have watched a few years ago. The man was telling his son about his life-changing decision was taken insanely in 20 seconds. It’s insane but, sometimes it’s sufficient time to take action in mind. If we think too much, we cannot leave our securities.

Now think in advance! What will you be doing in ten years, or five? With whom? Where? Why? How? How would you like to become in ten years?

Ten years’ time from today, there will be people who will be achieving their own goals. We do not know who they are, but we know that they will be the ones who will act proactively. They will be the ones who will be taking the risk of failure, looking stupid and they will be the people widening their opinions when everything is even okay. They will be the people who believe in “never taking a risk is a big risk”

The question is; Would you step outside from your comfort zone for 20 sec?

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